Jim Zaleski, Director of Labette Co. Economic Development & Tourism, was a guest speaker in the College & Career Exp. classes today. He discussed topics tied to the Tourism and Hospitality career cluster. Big thanks to him for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit!!
about 17 hours ago, Kylie Lucas
Jim Zaleski, Director of Economic Development & Tourism in Labette County visiting with 5th hour College & Career Explorations
Sydney Schibi, Junior, looking at swag Jim brought to share.
Students learning about revenue through tourism
Sydney Webb, Junior, & Kieara Sawyer, Senior,  showing off their new frisbees.
“Viking Beauty” — alumni, London Reece & Alahna Reece, are offering professional, hand designed press on nails for FREE for Prom 2023. Big thanks to these ladies for giving back to their community!
about 18 hours ago, Kylie Lucas
Prom 2023 Nail Service Info
Alahna Reece sizing Dameetra Beavers, Junior, for nails. Faith Estep, Junior, waiting her turn.
London Reece visiting with Rayce Baker, senior, about her Prom nails.
PHS Spring Play: March 24 and 25. PHS Auditorium
about 21 hours ago, Eric Swanson
Moon Over Buffalo
Distinguished Reader program at PHS
3 days ago, Robie Martin
Distinguished Reader candidate, DeAva, Holmes, meets with committee member, Darece Waun
Preschool & Kindergarten Roundup will be Monday, March 27 from 4:30 to 6:00 at Lincoln School. https://5il.co/1r2hm
3 days ago, Parsons District Schools
Roundup for Preschool and Kindergarten Students
More NHS pictures. Very nice ceremony tonight. The officers did a great job. Go Vikes!
3 days ago, Rob Barcus
Bella Ramsey
Jazzy Palmer
Giselle Hernandez
Olivia Martinez
Congratulations to the 2022-2023 National Honor Society inductees! 18 new members inducted tonight. Go Vikes!!
3 days ago, Rob Barcus
Conner Barcus signing.
National Honor Society induction ceremony tonight... 18 new students!
4 days ago, Emilio Aita
PHS Physics students use their knowledge of bouyant force to design aluminum foil boats that will float ceramic tiles. Aidan, Mason and Cole won thw bonus points for smallest mass, while Kamron and Jadyn won for most tiles without sinking.
4 days ago, Paul Duroni
Eli and Marion add tiles to their boat
Jadyn and Kamron are proud of their boat design
Lucas and Marco find the mass of their aluminum foil boat
Aidan, Cole and Mason measure precisely to win the smallest mass boat competition
PHS Chemistry students react aluminum strips in copper chloride solution to compare theoretical yield with an actual yield, allowing for the calculation of percent yield.
4 days ago, Paul Duroni
Tate, Brody and Cam stir until the reaction is over.
Ronnie carefully stirs to continue the reaction
Ava keeps her group's reaction accelerating
Brianna, Sam, Kieran and Kaden work to determine an actual yield
Please join us for the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony this evening at 6:00pm in the PHS Cafeteria.
4 days ago, Kylie Lucas
National Honor Society Induction Ceremony invitation
21st Century Journalism conducted a mock press conference today. Half of the class represented the Mayor’s Office as public officials and the other half represented the press! The class loved it so much they asked Mx. K to plan another mock conference in the future.
4 days ago, Larrian Kendricks
Agenda for the March 20, 2023 Board of Education Meeting: https://5il.co/1r0vl
4 days ago, Parsons District Schools
BoE Agenda 03.20.23
The Lady Vikes fall in the first round of the state tournament Andale. Great season Lady Vikes. First trip to state in 30 years! Thank you senior Bri Patterson! Go Vikes!!
14 days ago, Rob Barcus
The Lady Vikes trail Andale 29-41 heading into the 4th quarter! Go Vikes!!
14 days ago, Rob Barcus
The Lady Vikes cut into the Andale lead and are now down 27-32! Go Vikes!!
14 days ago, Rob Barcus
At halftime the Lady Vikes trail Andale 16-27. The Lady Vikes need a big second half. Go Vikes!!
14 days ago, Rob Barcus
The Lady Vikings and Andale tied 10-10 after one quarter at the state tournament in Salina. Go Vikes!!
14 days ago, Rob Barcus
Lady Vikes up against Andale 6-4 with 3:33 to go in the first. Go Vikes!
14 days ago, Rob Barcus
warm up
State Tournament!!!! First time in 30 years. Go Vikes!!
14 days ago, Rob Barcus
crowd watching